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Starting an Amazon business is easy these days. The tough part is in developing a product listing that will perform beyond expectation to return on your investment. With tools such as Jungle Scout making their mark in the Amazon product and niche research, other tools are mushrooming and posing competition towards Jungle Scout, such as Sellics . Like Jungle Scout, this tool comes with multiple product research capabilities, which is why we chose to review it for you today.

What is Sellics?

Sellics is a product of German commercial analytics company Sellics. Sellics as a tool was, in the beginning, a keyword research engine, also the brainchild of today’s Sellics Sonar , an Amazon keyword research solution. Sellics has gone on to become an amalgamation of multiple tools, thereby gaining numerous capabilities such as:

  • Monitoring competitors of your Amazon listing
  • Tracking multiple products and niche performance metrics
  • Optimizing of product rankings on listing
  • Managing incoming product reviews

Sellics can meet the needs of multiple businesses starting with Amazon business ran by individuals followed by the one owned by a company to those owned by bigger companies.

Sellics Pricing

The different Sellics product research solution sells at different prices. The prices are in three editions, namely the Seller Edition, the Vendor Edition, and Agency Edition. Seller Edition costs $47 and allows the user to track a product listing's performance, among other impressive features closely. Vendor edition will sell at $179 and will enable you to choose from a set of modules such as the Retail Analytics module and the Content and SEO module. Lastly, the Agency Edition price is varied since different organizations use it for different reasons. Therefore, you can get Sellics price for this edition from the Sellics team based on the needs the product will fulfill. 

Sellics Products

Sellics products, as stated above, in three versions. The first one is the seller edition. This version is for an individual Amazon seller. The second version is the vendor edition, which is for companies that sell products on the Amazon marketplace. The last version is the agency edition meant for bigger companies involved in this eCommerce business.

Seller Edition

This edition should help you manage your online enterprise effectively. Features of this Sellic version, foremost include a profit dashboard. This board automatically calculates profits allowing you to track your ROIs. Profit dashboard is real given the fact that other charges have been deducted, namely the FBA fees, costs of PPCs, amount spent on goods, and the value of product promotions. The second feature is the PPC manager, which automates your campaigns, making the business more profitable. Another feature is the ranking optimizer, which offers powerful keywords and recommendations for improving your Amazon rankings.

Furthermore, the seller version allows you to manage reviews made by customers and reply to as many possible. Lastly, there is an inventory management feature. Here, you can know what you have as stock and know whether it is enough to serve already placed orders.

Vendor Edition

As your business improves, you may need to improve your product research tool. You need to update your Sellic version from a Seller Edition to a Vendor Edition. The update to the Vendor version will make the running of your Amazon business more efficient. This edition comes with multiple benefits, namely the monitoring of your buy box. Secondly, you can manage your content, SEO by identifying whether your product is visible and whether you can tweak keywords for easy accessibility and generate organic sales.

Agency Edition

Agency edition is more fluid and allows you to operate a vendor and seller account with ease. The agency edition comes with multiple capabilities, such as a good customer support system. Support allows you to connect with relevant people in your industry to help with any issue your platform faces that require improvement. Agency edition also possesses client management capabilities allowing you to manage multiple clients at the same time quite efficiently.

Moreover, data on Agency Edition is aggregated, making it easy to access all the important information given all of it is the right place. Another feature is the agency directory. This capability allows you to connect with agencies that may need the assistance of your team and organization in running an Amazon Enterprise.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what the Sellics is about from this Sellics review , it might be time to subscribe to any of the plans available and let the product research tool help with your choice of product and niche.


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