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Just when you think you have known it all, something else pops up out of the blue. Since the advent of the internet, things just keep getting better in ways you would not imagine. Just the other day, I was talking about how incredible are online retail tools. I later figured out there were faster and easier version of them.

Have you ever heard of extensions?

Extensions are small apps usually found in a browser. Many browsers usually possess a variety of extensions with different functions. They are as useful and productive as normal applications. The only difference is that they cannot be used outside the browser.

After registering as a seller on Amazon, whether as FBA/FBM, there are certain things you need understand or study to understand before making certain decisions. In addition, it is no news that any decision you make can bring either progress and improvement or the opposite to your brand. I don’t think there is anyone who would want the opposite of progress.

In this article, our focus is on Amazon chrome extensions- what they are and how they work.

Browser Extensions vs. Applications

Before we continue our discussion on Amazon chrome extensions, I figured it would be great if we elaborated more on browser extensions. Most people might not be able to tell the difference between browser extensions and normal apps or maybe there have never come across it before. Here, we will briefly discuss the differences between browser extensions and applications.

1.      Browser extensions are more or less like a part of a browser. It functions with the browser and cannot work without it. Applications on the other end has its own interface and can function on its own.

2.      Browser extensions are easier to use. They are not usually as complicated as applications.

3.      They are usually easy to access when working on a browser. Applications on the other hand, have to be opened separately.

What are Amazon Chrome Extensions?

Let us break it down a little!

Amazon is an online marketplace for traders and Chrome is browser. So putting it all together, Amazon Chrome Extension is simply a browser extension for Amazon website. Do not forget that, there are Amazon web applications, which you have to open separately while working on Amazon. This one is different, easier to access and more user-friendly. You do not even have to leave the Amazon page before getting all the information you need.

We managed to collate a list of three incredible Chrome extensions for Amazon, which we would discuss in our next subheading.

Top Three Chrome Extensions for Amazon 

Chrome happens to be one of the most used browsers in the world. As an Amazon seller looking to gain more grounds on Amazon, good information and accurate stats can help you stay ahead or in competition with your counterparts. One of the easiest ways to get that information is through google chrome extensions. Below we have listed our top three amazon chrome extensions that would be useful for you.

1.      Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

This is an incredible chrome extension developed by Jungle Scout to assist Amazon sellers gain useful insights about the business on Amazon without stress. Information is a very essential part of trading. It points you in the right direction that is why it is very important. With Jungle Scout extension, you can get access to quality product research, price or sales history of a product and many more. It offers a free trial for about 2 weeks after which you pay an annual fee of 97 dollars.

2.      AMZScout Chrome Extension

This makes our top list because of its accuracy and functionality. It features two amazing features, which are very useful in Amazon. On Amazon, before rushing to sell a particular product, there is a need to do a thorough research on that product- how well it sells, its price and sales history. This would help guarantee whether it is a great product capable of yielding profit or not. AMZScout Chrome Extension gives you the opportunity to do in-depth research on Amazon products, which would help make some certain decisions concerning purchase.

3.      Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This one offers two main features, which include Keyword and Product research. Keyword research is very useful tool when it comes to ranking on Amazon. Higher ranks equals more sales and more profits on Amazon. It works such that you can find most searched keywords for a particular product on Amazon and add it originally to your product descriptions, tags and titles. This will help optimize your page, attracting more customers to purchase your product.


Information is key ingredient to success. Without them, we are left out in the dark. These Amazon chrome extensions above can come in handy when it comes to getting information from on Amazon.

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