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As a brand owner, one of the things that should resonate the deepest in your mind is building trust among your customers. The benefits of doing this are quite outstanding. If your customers trust you, they will purchase your goods or products. Then, they will refer you to others, and the cycle continues.

However, if this chain-link of trust breaks, there is no quick remedy for it. People desist from buying from you, and they spread the news as well. One of the ways you can lose the trust of your customers is by misleading them, intentionally or otherwise. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.On Amazon, a critical source of this misleading is the review section.

For several products, there are myriads of reviews. However, not all of them are real. If customers buy your products based off these fake reviews, there’s the chance they will not get what they expected. If this happens, you lose their trust. With that being said, to keep your Amazon product page free of these business spoilers, you need an  Amazon review checker .

What is an Amazon review checker?

To ensure that your customers are not led in the wrong direction by false reviews, you must have a tool to filter out the real from the fake. A  review checker acts  as a  fake review spotter.  It analyses the reviews you have on your Amazon product and helps you to identify those that are fake. That way, you can get them taken down and prevent any (further) damage to your reputation or your product’s reputation.

How do Amazon review checkers work?

Various tools act as an  Amazon fake review finder.  Regardless of that fact, they all work similarly. Since they have to essentially relieve you of the burden of having to go through each review one after the other, their functionality steps are largely similar.

For the majority of them, you merely need to paste the copied URL of the product in the  review checker.  After pasting, click the prompt that helps you start the process, usually “summarize” and you’ll get what you’re looking for in no time.

What are the best Amazon review checkers?

While this industry is not oversaturated yet, it is not completely void of healthy competitors either. Here are three of the best  Amazon review checkers:

1. AMZ Reviews Tracker

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This is one of the top  Amazon review checkers  in the world today. They currently have a feature that is known as “Defensive Strategy.” It solely exists to help you analyze your reviews properly. It checks out negative reviews all day long on Amazon and allows you to respond swiftly whenever it detects any. That way, you can respond as soon as possible to the problem. This gives you the chance to raise the ratings on those products.

2. FakeSpot

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FakeSpot is another excellent  Amazon review checker.  With a column for inserting and analyzing the link right from the landing page, FakeSpot’s official website is straight to the point. It has a surplus of six million analyzed reviews in its portfolio and has a clientele numbering in millions from all over the world. 

For the sake of your own information, it has a log where it keeps a detailed list of links it has reviewed. Apart from desktop, it is also available for use as a downloadable application on Apple and Android operating systems.

3. ReviewMonitoring

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The last, but certainly not the least, on our compilation of the best  Amazon review checkers  is Review Monitoring. It has been used by brands as big as Gerber, Honeywell, Braun, Vicks, etc. It gives you a 90-day free trial period where you get to test it out on your products. After conducting an analysis, it helps you to make sense of its review analyses. 

In addition to all of these, you can monitor your competitors, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of products. Perhaps, the biggest of advantages you get from using this tool is an automated reply to queries on your products on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Especially if you are a big brand with reviews numbering in thousands, you really cannot spend all your time going through your product reviews one after the other. Knowing what your customers are saying about your product is very important. However, the process of doing it manually by scrolling through review after review is tedious and mindnumbing. As such, the importance of Amazon review checkers cannot be overstated.


Q1: How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

Among other things, a proper check of the reviewer’s profile should give you information as to whether or not it is a real person or just a random account to demarket your product. You can also check for a purchase tag. That way, you’ll be a little clearer on whether or not someone is actually giving an honest critique of your product.

Q2: Are Amazon reviews reliable?

Honest reviews from people who have actually bought the product from Amazon are indeed reliable. Regardless, you should read them carefully to be sure that the person is not giving a review based on personal biases or conditions that are not peculiar to you.

Q3: Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Yes, Amazon has fake reviews. As a matter of fact, Amazon has had to sue several sites that produce fake reviews on

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